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"Our company set out to aggressively determine what it would take to be the best Production Marketing Company. A Senior Partner of TP360 guided our company through restructuring our business development staff and operations. The result was cutting edge service and increased profits by $250,000."
Executive VP - Promotion Marketing Co.

"A Senior Partner of TP360 was brought in to assist in a strategic restructuring project. Inventories has grown to unacceptable levels and necessitated changes. Six month results include inventory decline of 25% ($500,000), revamping of entire manufacturing methods to world class sell
type manufacturing and positive employee involvement."
CEO- Product Manufacturer

"We knew there was room for improvement but getting into action was the dilema for us. A Senior Partner of TP360 was able to plan, organize and implement a continous improvement program which has affected positive change. We capitalized in both money and knowledge."
President-Custom Job Shop

"Our organization was in trouble with rather outdated system. Over the past four months a Senior Partner of TP360 directed us through two of four phases as we work toward the installation of a fully integrated in-house system. This process has encompassed all areas of operations."
President - Manufacturer/Distributor

In addition to the company testimonials, each of the Senior Partners have a number of personal references which can be found on the personal references page.



TP360 takes it customers privacy very seriously. The indenity of past distressed customers is 100% protected due to our customers on-going business relationships with lenders, vendors, customers, employees, competitors, etc.

Case studies are provided to demonstrate the cross section of the work we have accomplished. Our team has been engaged in more than 100 companies in a large cross section of businessses and industries. Other relevant case studies available upon request

Manufacturer of Aircraft Seats and Interiors
Sales $48 Million
CASE STUDY: Click Here 

Manufacturer of Locker Organizing Products
3.1 Million Sales | Very Seasonal
CASE STUDY: Click Here

Construction Services Company
$2.4 Million in Sales | Regional Services Co.
CASE STUDY: Click Here

Industrial Temporary Services Company
$12 Million in Sales | Regional Service Co.
CASE STUDY: Click Here

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