COMPANY Industrial Temporary Services Company
$12 Million in Sales | Regional Service Company
SITUATION Client wished to grow the business
  • Sales Increased 150% Over 9 Months
  • Secured New Major Accounts
  • Profits Increased 300% Over Same Period
  • Overhead Decreased; Collections Exceed 99% Currently
  • Exceptional Customer Service Has Become The Goal
  • Expanded From Four to Nine Offices
ASSESSMENT 2-day assessment showed that communication was poor and morale was flagging due to turnover at middle and senior management positions. Customer needs were considered secondary and most branch managers were doubtful of senior management. A failed computer implementation also left employees uncertian of management's leadership.
PLANNIING CEO and consultant developed a work plan to refocus senior management and middle management on the same vision. A series of programs was developed to build a team, establish objectives and redirect efforts of the company to build toward the future. 
EXECUTION A 2-day team building/visioning session was conducted with all senior and middle managers. A vision/direction was agreed upon by all partcipants. Strategic objectives and work plans were defined with each objective having an accountable person to steer it to completion. Each objective was given to a cross functional team to complete.

Branch managers developed clearly defined objectives for their branches and were held accountable for them. Collections, non-billed time rates, fill rates, walkouts, workers compensation rates and safety were all tracked, in addition to sales as a measure of how effective the branch was operating. Weekly meetings of regional teams were held on how to help each other fill work orders, deploy temporary staff, manage collections, safety and customer service.

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