We know what it's like to be in your shoes because we've been there...


TP360 business services are designed to assist small business owners Restore and Succeed.

We understand the challenges and what you are going through, because we've been there and lived it. We are business entrepreneurs seasoned by real-life, in-the-trenches business experience. We can make a signficant difference.

RESTORE businesses back to health
TP360 specializes in assisting business owners through tough times. TP360 offers extensive experience sucessfully restoring small to mid-market privately-owned and operated businesses. Industry related experience includes manufacturing, assembly, distribution, technology, real-estate, construction and services across various markets.

             Restored businesses benefit by:

      • Normalized Business Operations
      • Stablized Cash Flow 
      • Access to Credit
      • Lower Stress

SUCCEED going forward into the future
Once a business is stabilized or if it is already operates normally, TP360 assists business owners break through to higher levels of business performance. We remove bottle-necks creating the condtions to unleash growth.

             Succeeding businesses benefit by:

      • Strengthening your business
      • Profitability
      • Increased Business Valuation
      • Achievements of Goals

TP360 clients are often industry leaders and subject matter experts in their particular industry. They are very capable at many things and have built their business through years of back-breaking work.  Our clients know their businesses pretty much inside and out, but typically are not savy with financial management and/or the details of running the day to day.

Our experienced team is capable of providing a wide range of small business management and consulting services with a primary focus on businesses that are:

      • Entrepreneurial Spirited
      • Privately Held / Family Owned / Owner Operated
      • Annual Revenues of $2M-$50M
      • Challenged by Current Operating Conditions
      • Agreeable to Accept Assistance
      • Have the Desire to Continue Operating and Succeed

While we don't pretend to know your business...we know business! 

To find out how TP360 can help you Restore and Succeed...
please contact us for more information.  


This is a true story. How will you write your story?

The business was started in 1987 and had immediate success, making it to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies by 1992. Sales quickly grew to 35M supported by a revolving bank line of credit.

One day the bank calls and wants to stop in to chat. They share the business is being moved to the asset based lending group. "Nothing to worry about, it's just a small change in the way the line is collateralized", they say. One more thing, "the business doesn't fit the banks lending portfolio anymore and the bank wants to transition out over the next six months."

The warning signs were all there. A year earlier the  bank loan covenants had been modified reducing the percentage of inventory and recievables. 
Inventory had swelled to more than 5M, expenses crept up and earnings drifted to single digits. A few years earlier, owner distributions we reduced too. The company broke even for the first 6 months and got worse from there. By the end of the year, the company lost 1.5M with losses accelerating.

Because the owners distributed all extra cash, the company was ill prepared for its 1st major financial hiccup in its 15yr history.  No help was sought and no help received. Another year later the business was forced into an voluntary asset sale where owners brought cash to closing. Sadly, an offer to was on the table to purchase 49% of the company for 16M just a few years earlier. Unbelievable!

The business had two years to recognize the warning signs and take correctuive action but didn't. Unfortunately, situations like this are repeated every day all over the country.

Your story can be different but it is up to you. How will you write your own story?

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