TP360 is a business renaissance management and consulting company specializing in improving cash flow and bottom-line profits for privately held companies. We work primarily with small to medium sized businesses ($2-$50M), although we have selectively worked with companies over $100M. Our main focus is lenders and businesses with the same goal in mind... improving companies back to health

TP360 is comprised of seasoned business owners (not life-long consultants) who together offer diverse professional experience with a common track record of building and improving businesses. Together, the TP360 team is responsible for more than 500 million in sales revenue enhancements, $200 million in process improvements and $100 million in bottom-line profits. Our record of performance is nearly unmatched by any other similarly sized firm.

TP360 offers a comprehensive and holistic methodology to business renaissance and recovery by concentrating on all key aspects of the business including People, Product, Process and Performance. The TP360 process identifies core business problems creating the negative business symptoms such as reduced sales, margins, profitability, cash flow and balance sheet ratios.  Accurate identification of core business leads to business renaissance and recovery.

Once core business problems are properly diagnosed, a recovery plan is prepared and proposed.  An execution team is assembled typically comprised of company employees and members of TP360. The execution team works jointly to restore the business to health.  Benchmarks are created to monitor ongoing progress.

For businesses faced with extreme challenging circumstances, the process consists of performing immediate triage while completing analysis to determine next steps. If possible, the business is stabilized and returned to acceptable operating levels. Once operating normally, efforts are focused on growth and achievement of long-term goals.

TP360 offers low upfront assessment fees and a flexible fee structure customized to fit your exact situation for ongoing engagements. Engagement fee elements include project fees, retainer fees, commissions, success fees and equity. We typically offset monthly retainer fees with cash flow improvements in the business. Generally, customers experience a 5-10X return on the actual fees .

We put our money where our mouth is. It is not uncommon to have stressed businesses need cash to bridge them through tough times. When appropriate, TP360 can make small, secured, convertible debt investments or debtor in possession type financing. We work with a network of asset based lenders, private investors and non-traditonal banks and have been successful in obtaining various types of financing.


"Our company set out to aggressively determine what it would take to be the best Production Marketing Company. A Senior Partner of TP360 guided our company through restructuring our business development staff and operations. The result was cutting edge service and increased profits by $250,000."
Executive VP - Promotion Marketing Co.

"A Senior Partner of TP360 was brought in to assist in a strategic restructuring project. Inventories has grown to unacceptable levels and necessitated changes. Six month results include inventory decline of 25% ($500,000), revamping of entire manufacturing methods to world class sell
type manufacturing and positive employee involvement."
CEO- Product Manufacturer

"We knew there was room for improvement but getting into action was the dilema for us. A Senior Partner of TP360 was able to plan, organize and implement a continous improvement program which has affected positive change. We capitalized in both money and knowledge."
President-Custom Job Shop

"Our organization was in trouble with rather outdated system. Over the past four months a Senior Partner of TP360 directed us through two of four phases as we work toward the installation of a fully integrated in-house system. This process has encompassed all areas of operations."
President - Manufacturer/Distributor

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